Successful Farming: Mackin Creek Farm

As we dive into some stories that highlight farming success stories in British Columbia, Mackin Creek Farm stands out as a thriving example of sustainable farming in the Cariboo region. Established in 1985 by Cathie Allen and Rob Borsato, this farm has transformed 105 acres of raw, timbered land into a flourishing organic farm.

Cathie and Rob faced numerous challenges, from developing irrigation systems to breaking the land using traditional horse-drawn ploughs. Their dedication and innovative approaches, such as using a hydraulic ram and later a gravity feed system, showcase their resilience and commitment to sustainable farming practices.

The couple’s journey wasn’t just about growing crops; they started with the vision of transforming a community. In 1988, they helped form the Quesnel Farmers’ Market and the Cariboo Organic Producers Association, pivotal in promoting local food and organic farming. Their efforts contributed significantly to the local food movement and the establishment of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in the area.

Mackin Creek Farm emphasizes soil fertility through composting, integrating livestock, and using green manure crops. They also invest in the future of farming by educating interns and conducting workshops on organic farming practices.

After nearly 30 years and seeing great success, Cathie and Rob have scaled back their operations to focus on family and enjoy a less intensive farming schedule. With that said, their dedication to their farm and business nurtured a very successful few decades, and their story is a testament to the power of perseverance, community collaboration, and sustainable farming.

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