Historical Ranches in BC: Bridge Creek Ranch

Located in the interior Cariboo region of British Columbia, Bridge Creek Ranch is a historic site that was founded in 1912 by the 5th Marquess of Exter, William Cecil, and was operated for over 100 years by four generations of his family.

Beginning as a stopping house along the Gold Rush Trail, the property evolved into a sprawling ranching estate and left a significant mark on the landscape and the community of 100 Mile House. Under the stewardship of the Cecil family, Bridge Creek Ranch flourished and evolved into a thriving agricultural enterprise spanning thousands of acres. The ranch became a cornerstone of the local economy and provided employment and sustenance for generations of residents.

Over the years, the ranch grew and evolved, adapting to the changing times while remaining true to its roots. In the 1930s, the property owner’s vision and foresight laid the foundation for the orderly expansion of 100 Mile House, shaping the community into what it is today.

Bridge Creek Ranch was a pioneer for land stewardship for many decades. In partnership with government agencies and land conservation groups like Ducks Unlimited, the Cecil family and ranch staff completed extensive projects over the years to protect sensitive wetlands full of waterfowl, eagles, herons, bears, deer, moose, and badgers.

In 2022, a new chapter began and the ranch was sold to the Province of British Columbia as part of the treaty process with the Canim Lake Band (the people of Tsq’escen’). Today, the property stands as a testament to the legacy of the Cariboo region.

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