Historical Ranches in BC: Guisachan House

Located in the Okanagan, Guisachan House is a testament to British Columbia’s rich ranching history. Originally established in the late 19th century, Guisachan House holds a significant place in the province’s agricultural heritage.

Guisachan House was founded in the 1860s by Thomas McQueen, a Scottish immigrant who settled in the Okanagan Valley. McQueen transformed the land into a thriving cattle ranch, naming it “Guisachan” after his ancestral estate in Scotland. The ranch quickly gained notoriety for its purebred Aberdeen Angus cattle and its stunning natural beauty.

In 1891, James Cameron Dun-Waters, a Scottish nobleman, purchased the property and expanded the estate by adding a grand Victorian mansion that still stands today. The mansion, with its distinctive Scottish architecture and lush gardens, became the focal point of the ranch and a symbol of wealth and prestige in its region. 

Today, Guisachan House stands as a heritage site, offering visitors a glimpse into the province’s pioneering spirit and agricultural heritage. The site welcomes visitors to explore its grounds and learn about its storied past through guided tours that offer insight into the history of the estate. For those interested in British Columbia’s ranching history, Guisachan House offers a captivating journey through time and celebrates the pioneers and visionaries who helped shape British Columbia’s agricultural identity.

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