Canadian Farmland Values Continue to Rise in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of Canadian agriculture, one constant remains: the steady appreciation of farmland values. According to the latest Farmland Values Report from Farm Credit Canada (FCC), the average value of Canadian farmland increased by 11.5 percent in 2023 despite economic uncertainty, slightly less than the previous year’s growth rate of 12.8 percent.

J.P. Gervais, FCC’s chief economist, attributes this sustained growth to a combination of factors, including the limited supply of available farmland and robust demand from farm operations – British Columbia has some of the highest demand in the country, leading to farmland values that are also among the highest in Canada.

Economic uncertainty stresses the need for caution while purchasing farmland, but historical data reveals the resilience of the agricultural sector and its ability to adapt to economic changes. Rising farm maintenance costs post challenges for young producers with higher rental rates and input costs that increase financial risks. Despite challenges, the increase in farmland values continues to reflect a positive outlook, with producers making strategic investments that contribute to long-term growth of the agriculture industry.

FCC, as Canada’s top agriculture and food lender, aims to assist those in the agriculture industry with achieving their objectives by offering valuable insights, flexible financing, and business management software. By reinvesting profits into the industry and communities it serves, FCC ensures a stable and prosperous future for Canadian agriculture.

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