Real Estate During a Pandemic

To say that the changes happening now around the world are unprecedented just does not seem to cover the impact of it. There are some areas of our lives that may never fully go back to the way they were. Some of those areas will make us better people and other areas will have to adapt to fit into the new perception of normal.

Real estate and the transactions of buying and selling will continue. People need to sell, need to relocate for a variety of reasons. Time to downsize, new job opportunity in a new location, passing on a family property and other life changes require us to be able to sell and buy property. Currently, real estate is considered an essential service by the Province of British Columbia. As such, we will continue to help our clients; present, past and future, to achieve their real estate needs in the safest and best way possible. We will do everything we can to protect our clients, their families, our families, and staff. Here is how we can help:

1) Contact us for your property evaluation. We just need your name and address to begin the process of creating your comparative market evaluation. Once we have the information gathered, our agents can either meet you ?virtually? through an online option such a Skype, Zoom, or Facetime to walk through your home and discuss your property. Alternatively, we can meet at your property and stay socially distant with gloves and masks to walk through the property.

2) Should you choose to proceed with listing your property we will arrange a time for photos and a walk-through video of your home. This is done by our professional photo company who take all measures possible to protect your home as well.

3) The walk-through video, measurements, and photos will be made available to anyone that is interested in your property. We will not be offering in person visits to your home; unless you approve them, until we can ensure that the buyers are serious. Options for this include only allowing buyers to view the home once there is an offer accepted, subject to viewing. If they choose to view, it will be strictly limited to the buyer’s agent and the buyer(s) only, with masks and gloves and refraining from touching surfaces in your home. We will be requesting that no children or extended family be present for viewings which will limit the number of people going through your home.

4) For Buyers, it will be much the same. Gloves and masks are recommended for viewing properties and the touching of surfaces must remain at a minimum and only where unavoidable. As a buyer, you will only want to go and view the properties that you are most interested in and be prepared that you may have to submit and offer before you can view the home.

5) Be prepared to answer questions before viewing a property and meeting with an agent. If you are not feeling well, shows signs of a fever or cough or have been around someone who is unwell, we ask that you not enter the property or meet in person. If you have recently returned to Canada from anywhere, we also ask that you not enter a property or meet in person. This is for everyone’s safety.

If you have questions or concerns regarding how we can help with your real estate needs during this time, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team members are all working from their homes, taking all the precautions suggested by health professionals to stay safe and keep you safe and are available to help.

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