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A destination four-season wilderness eco-tourism business which was established in 1880.  This business includes mountain accommodations dispersed over 5,000 km2 of the spectacular South Chilcotin Mountains.  The product is the actual experience that is derived from a range of wilderness trips (products).  These products vary from Wilderness Guide Training to grizzly viewing research, and from a Guest Ranch Adventure for novices, to a Level III wildlife study Horse Pack Trip for the advanced.  The Wilderness experience product is actively conducted and promoted at present to an international client base and established agents wholesalers and receptive operators.  The current wilderness experience products meet the demands of a diverse mix of clients in terms of price, length of stay, trip type, and level of adventure.  The minimum stay is 4 days, and there are also 7, 10 and 13 day trips.


- Commercial Recreation Licence - 3,174.7 km2
- Camp Leases: 0.21 acres
- Range Permit: 4,381.6 km2
- Park Use Permit: 1,247.7 km2
Coverage areas overlap in places, continuous coverage area totals approximately 5,028 km2.


The region has 4 distinct small communities of less than 50 inhabitants each.  Bralorne, historic mining town; Gold Bridge is the service center for the area; Gun Lake is a summer home area for Vancouver residents.  Tyax and Gun Creek Roads are also summer home areas, and Gun Creek Road is located at the southern edge of the South Chilcotin Mountain Park.
The business works closely with related tourism associations (including sector, regional and provincial) and provincial agencies that legislate and manage wilderness tourism operators. The Associations include the Wilderness Tourism Association, the Council of Tourism Associations, the BC Guest Ranch Association, the BC Fresh Water Fishing, Resorts, and Outfitters Association, Cariboo Tourism Association, and many more


The region has access by 2 main highways - Whistler and Vancouver to the south, and Lillooet leading to the interior of British Columbia and on to Calgary, Alberta to the east.  To Bridge River Valley (base area) it is about 60 miles north of Whistler Ski Resort and about 120 miles north of Vancouver.  Access by road is 2 hours from Whistler, and 4.5 hours from Vancouver.  It is 1 hour by plane from Vancouver International Airport, and a half hour from Whistler by helicopter or plane.
Available Date 12/20/2019
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Eco Tourism Business - South Chilcotin
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