Historical Ranches in BC: Monte Creek Ranch

Monte Creek Ranch, located in the Thompson Valley, boasts a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. Originally known as “Ducks” after British settler Jacob Ducks, the area gained prominence as a bustling hub for railway workers, miners, and ranchers. In 1888, Hewitt Bostock purchased the land, which later became famous for being the site of Bill Miner’s last train robbery in 1906.

In 2009, a visionary family saw the potential in the Monte Creek area for viticulture, inspired by its arid lands and ample sunlight. They transformed the 1,200-acre ranch into a dynamic blend of vineyards, livestock, and natural beauty. Today, Monte Creek Ranch is known as Monte Creek Winery, spamming 75 acres of vineyards that are complemented by Haskap berry fields, beehives, and Black Angus cattle. 

The winery has embraced its historical roots while establishing itself as a key player in British Columbia’s wine industry. Visitors can now enjoy wine tastings, local products, and the ranch’s unique hospitality, all set against the backdrop of the stunning South Thompson River.

Monte Creek Ranch stands as a testament to the region’s rich past and vibrant future, offering a unique blend of history and modern winemaking. If you are interested in visiting this beautiful historical site, check out the Monte Creek Winery website!

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