Types of Wells

Wells are essential for accessing groundwater in British Columbia, where our diverse geological conditions require various well types. In this article, we take a closer look at the common types of wells found in our province.

Drilled wells are the most common type, especially in areas with deep aquifers. These wells are created using rotary or cable-tool drilling machines, reaching depths of several hundred feet. They offer reliable water supplies and are less prone to contamination due to their depth and construction.

Shallow wells, also known as dug or bored wells, are typically less than 50 feet deep and are suited for areas with a high water table. These wells are constructed using hand-digging or augers and are lined with concrete, stone, or tile. While cost-effective, they are more vulnerable to surface contamination and may run dry during droughts.

Artesian wells tap into confined aquifers, where water is under pressure and can rise to the surface without pumping. These wells can provide a consistent flow of water but require specific geological conditions. They are prized for their reliability and the natural filtration provided by the aquifer.

Sandpoint wells, or driven wells, are installed by driving a small diameter pipe with a pointed screen into sandy or gravelly soils. These wells are generally shallow and suitable for temporary or supplemental water needs. They are relatively easy and inexpensive to install but may not provide sufficient water for large-scale use.

Choosing the right type of well involves considering factors such as local geology, water demand, and potential contamination sources. Proper well construction and maintenance are crucial to ensure a safe and sustainable water supply.

If you are looking to buy a farm or acreage, understanding the different types of wells can help you make informed decisions about the water sources on various properties. Whether it’s the depth of a drilled well, the accessibility of a shallow well, the reliability of an artesian well, or the simplicity of a sandpoint well, each type has its advantages and applications based on the specific needs and conditions of the area.

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