In today’s market, it seems like everywhere you turn there are Realtors. Somebody you know has become a Realtor recently, a cousin, friend, acquaintance, etc. So why use a specialized Real Estate Brokerage like BC Farm & Ranch Realty? Can’t any Realtor help you buy or sell a property?

Real estate is very unique in that when we hear real estate most of us think of a house in a neighborhood or a cul-de-sac.  When in fact Real Estate can include residential properties, commercial properties, hotels, pubs, multi-family developments and of course acreages and farms. It’s important that the realtor of your choice is specialized in the specific property you are looking at. You would not be well advised to take a residential Realtor to assist you with buy a hotel or a pub you want a Realtor with experience in this area.  Just the same, when buying an acreage or a commercial farm you would want your Realtor to be well versed in this area and have extensive experience, so they can represent you to the standard you deserve!

There are numerous pitfalls that can arise with the purchase or sale of an acreage property and if your Realtor is not aware of these things it can end up being very stressful and costly. Things like local zoning, provincial legislation, dealing with septic tank and drain fields, drilled and shallow wells, drainage, soil types, all of which have a tremendous impact on the current and future value of the property. Our Specialized Realtors at BC Farm & Ranch Realty have the industry experience (100+ years) to answer any questions that may arise during the purchase or sale of your acreage property. Our team is exclusively committed to acreage real estate, it’s all they do, and that gives you the advantage and peace of mind that you deserve!

At the end of the day, using a specialized Realtor with unique industry knowledge and experience will help you save money and hassle in the long run. By providing you with the knowledge needed to both complete your own due diligence as well as answer any questions you may have.  Calling BC Farm & Ranch Realty you are guaranteed to get unmatched experience and knowledge when looking to buy or sell your acreage or agricultural property.

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